About Us

Dynamyk Yoga is a series of initiatives from online video resources, retreats, and wellness experiences to a source of wellness knowledge for tips, tricks, taster sessions, and full-on workshops and presentations - working with the community, corporates, and private individuals to boost the awareness of the wonderful practice of Yoga.

We have a collection of videos crafted as a series of online course modules that visually demonstrate and verbally explain the basic Yoga postures to help those at the start of their Yoga journey get to grips with some of the key principles – from Yogic breathing to Tree Pose to Sun Salutes – all the basics are covered. The platform will also be useful to more experienced Yogis looking to get more out of their practice.

So what is Yoga? Well, it's different things for different people.

Some people describe Yoga as a good stretch, mindful movement using the breath, a time to press the pause button on life, and check-in with yourself – how are you doing today? A Moving meditation

Yoga is a rhythmic sequence of postures, guided by the breath. It is fantastic for flexibility, mobility and movement, relaxation and muscle tension release, depression and de-stressing and building up core, legs and upper body strength and just feeling fabulous!

We plan luxury wellness retreats to anywhere! Tuscany, Sicily, Kigali to small, bite-sized taster sessions for corporate members of staff. Whatever you are looking for, we can deliver it.

Our online resource platform offers video-based tutorials easing yoginis into their first time on the mat with introductions to meditation, all the basic poses and tailored sessions for de-stressing, tension release and mind, body spirit re-balancing.

You will also find there a huge resource of articles, information all about yoga practise and its benefits.

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