Welcome to Dynamyk Yoga – the beginners’ Yoga website of videos, articles and testimonies to make Yoga fun, simple and for everyone! If you can breathe, you can do Yoga.

DynamykYoga is a collection of videos that visually demonstrate and verbally explain the basic Yoga postures to help those at the start of their Yoga journey get to grips with some of the key principles – from Yogic breathing to Tree Pose to Sun Salutes – all the basics are covered. The site will also be useful to more experienced Yogis looking to get more out of their practise.


So what is Yoga? Well its different things to different people. Some people describe Yoga as:

  • A good stretch!
  • Mindful movement using the breath
  • A time to press the pause button on life and check in with yourself – how are you doing today?
  • A Moving meditation

I describe Yoga as a delicious, rhythmic sequence of postures, guided by the breath that makes you feel lighter, more cheerful and ready to face the world! It’s my time to tune into myself, away from the hustle and bustle of life and slow down. I always have fun, I do lots of smiling – even when it’s challenging, but I enjoy every minute. I find Yoga practise soothing, enlightening and challenging – all at the same time.


Why was DynamykYoga created and who is it for?

Thank you for visiting the site. You may have been brought to us because you are curious and want to know more about Yoga. Perhaps you’ve tried it a few times, liked it and want to know more. Maybe you have never tried it, know someone who does, they love it and have recommended you try it. Whatever your reason for visiting, we are glad you are here.

I created DynamykYoga to share this wonderful practise with the world so the site is structured around 4 main areas – Yoga for Flexibility, Mobility & Movement, Yoga for Relaxation & Wellness, Yoga for Depression, De-stressing & Tension release and Yoga for building strength and feeling fabulous.

I am also extremely blessed to be surrounded by and taught by some amazing teachers and decided to create a platform that shares their insight, knowledge and talents with you.

You will engage with some amazing Yoga teachers all based in London, so feel free to follow through with them directly if you want to attend their classes, workshops, retreats or prefer to book 121 sessions. Their class timetables and schedules of activity are shown on their individual profiles. They are an amazing light.

Enjoy your journey with us and have FUN!

Dynamk yoga